The Process

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Data is the foundation of business smart, high impact decision-making. Savvy executives understand this but may not know where to begin to leverage the power of their data. The payoff comes in many forms. Precise insights within specific business processes, better pattern recognition capabilities across functions and business units, and greater sensitivity to market shifts. All of this allows companies to win through better decision making. Following are some of the key components in our process to help clients reap the benefits consumer analytics and data driven marketing at warp speed.

  • Challenge Review & Solution Recommendations
  • Database Valuation
  • KPI Package Redevelopment
  • Data Pattern Analysis & Identification of Monetizable Patterns
  • Algorithm & RFM Model Evaluation & Redevelopment
  • Behavioral & Psychographic Profiling
  • Tracking & Financial Metric Development
  • Data Driven Marketing Plan Creation
  • Customer Reinvestment and Segmentation Analysis & Relaunch

During the process, core elements are incorporated to ensure clients receive long standing, maximum impact. Visualization and presentation of critical trends, signals and patterns in easy-to-consume reports to support standard operational review and performance management cycle are included. Real-time monitoring and signaling of market trends to enable responsiveness and enhanced operational agility are part of the process. Customized evaluation of what makes your customers unique and insight on ways to monetize those characteristics set up the project for success. Enablement of users to interact with, interrogate and otherwise “dive in” to data streams (on self-service basis) allow key team members manage the business with accuracy and efficiency. Development of cost-effective means to collect, store, integrate and manage huge volumes and varieties of data improve employee performance and customer satisfaction. Strong data management practices, well-defined business rules, and strong governance as “guardrails” for ongoing data usage ensure results that last.

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